Technology Policy and Management, Digital Platforms, Innovation

Academic Appointments
• Assistant Professor, UCD Smurfit Business School, Ireland, 2021-
Assistant Professor, Fox School of Business, Temple University, USA, 2017-21

T. Skiti (2020). Institutional Entry Barriers and Spatial Technology Diffusion: Evidence from the Broadband Industry. Strategic Management Journal, 41(7): 1336-1361.
T. Skiti, X. Luo, Z. Lin (2022). When More is Less: Quality and Quantity Trade-Off in Sharing Economy Platforms. Journal of Management Studies, 59(7): 1817-1838.

• T. Skiti (2020). Strategic Technology Adoption and Entry Deterrence in Broadband. Industrial and Corporate Change, 29(3): 713-729.

Working Papers
Campaign Contributions and New Technology Adoption, with C.J. Tae and F. Frazier

PhD in Economics, Duke University, USA, 2017